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Battling Workplace Depression
(Originally published at India HR Live)
It was late in the evening some days ago when I received a call from a local hospital informing that a family friend had been admitted to its  Intensive Care Unit in a frayed mental condition, perhaps in a failed suicide attempt. This ‘friend’ was rather my husband’s colleague..... Read More

 The Bugs Of Negativity
Eeewww! What the hell! Get these bugs off my hand.’
Anything other that you felt looking at this picture?
Just in case you happen to be amongst the exceptional lot who don’t mind such a creepy sight, let’s be honest enough to confess – “For how long?”
Exactly! Not even a day!....... Read More

Just Let Go

One: “My best friend back-stabbed me? I can’t believe it. For a single bloody project in office she used MY collection of data and put it all up for her credits. Bitch! You gotta pay back someday soon.”

Two: “Richard thinks that he is the only one who can cheat on me? This is what I get in return of all my loyalty and love for my husband in all these years? Wait till I wash his dirty linen in public. He can’t inflict hurt and leave. Just like that!!!”...Read More

“A year from now you may wish you had started today." ~Karen Lamb
And before I felt it was going to be too late, I picked up my pen. With infinite thoughts running in my head and numerous write-ups stacked in personal diary, I wonder what had I been waiting for so long? ... Read More

How I fell in love with fountain pens
Originally published in the Lifestyle section of Times of India, web edition; July 11, 2019)I clearly remember the first time I received command from my class teacher to switch from a pencil to a Fountain Pen. I must have been in standard sixth at that time. “Strictly a fountain pen of nib size ‘Medium’ filled with Royal-Blue ink,” she had insisted..........Read More

Neat, pristine, illuminated with countless dazzling lights all round the clock, long unwinding byroads rendered so clean that they give back a mirror reflection, a waft of pure air, no traffic rules yet civilian norms that better all set standards and a close knit territory of affection between people, who we proudly call the NTPC family. This is not a utopia I am talking about. This is my first home in NTPC, my love, Unchahar..........Read More

The Buddha Is Everywhere Except Perhaps For Our Hearts
(Originally published in The Huffington Post)
We live in the glorious times of the Buddha. No, I have not lost my mind. Neither do I have a time machine that can take me to the 6th century BC. I write today because everywhere I look I see representations of the Buddha—tokens and tokenisms. Literally everywhere! A little while ago I was sitting with a neighbour in her posh apartment and lo and behold, there was the Buddha right behind me! Printed on a silk cushion cover. I complimented her on her aesthetic choice..........Read More

(Originally published in The Women's Web)
There were times when thinking of monsoon brought before us imagery of joy. Of dark clouds overshadowing the sky, intermittent break of thunder claps and benevolent downpour wetting not only the land but also soaking us deep within for relief from fierce summer. One couldn’t resist from running into the rains to get drenched from head to toe and never missed opportunities to ditch boring raincoats or umbrellas. As young girls on bicycles commuting to school under heavy monsoon ..........Read More

Live Life, Queen Size
Asha is not keeping up well. Any of these days could be her last. Dressed in a yellow tee and petticoat, she is hardly able to hold her lean and tender body all by herself and rests it against the love of her life, her man, who sits beside her all day long, all night long, stroking her hair with caress, just like the way he must have done when they met the first time. ..........Read More

To a woman who is a fashionista, my wardrobe might look a tad 
boring. That does not mean that my lifestyle is! ..........Read More

For the last one decade, like dedicated patriots of the country, this year again we chased the newspaper’s international section to follow the fancy dresses Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor or Mallika Sherawat flaunted at the mighty 69th Cannes’ red carpet.  .............Read More

(Originally published in Women's Web)
Don’t worry about your daughter’s schooling. Merit and talent never go in waste.” Those were the parting words from my kids’ previous school principal as we bid her adieu to step in the new city of Lucknow .............Read More

Is It Enough To Celebrate Women's Day?
(Originally published in Women's Web)
In the middle of an important official meeting, my mobile gives three continuous beeps. It might be important, so I pause and take a look .............Read More   

Dancing away The Blues                                   
Attending an Indian Hindu wedding is like being a part of cast of a fully fledged Bollywood blockbuster. The show begins with thumping sound of loud music and ends with baraatis burning the dance floor hot. Who cares for the half bald men with fat tummies doing a belly move on a Katrina Kaif number or the overly dressed aunties (sometimes even more decked up than the bride herself) .............Read More  

(Originally published in Women's Web)
“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…” Brilliant nursery rhyme to begin with pre-school toddlers telling them that there are millions of tiny little stars up in the sky above that glitter on a clear night, making acrobatic constellations around a pretty ombre ball of moon..............Read More Things That Show You Are A Woman In Her 30s
(Originally published in The Huffington Post)
Cutting a 30s birthday cake gives a very mushy feeling. The size of cake gets smaller to hold a big bunch of candles; the guest list is strictly filtered to rope in a close few (shouldn't sound shocking if 'close few' conspires to just the husband and children); loud bhangra numbers get replaced with soft romantic salsa to dance on and at the end, spending cosy, precious time with oneself sounds a much dearer option to playing silly party games.............Read More 

Durga Pujo Memoir Of A Non-Bengali                              
(Originally published in The Huffington Post)
Come October and arrive nine days festival and six days holidays! Getting a break as long as one full week from routine humdrums of boring daily life! I would be crazy if that wasn’t a reason good enough for me to rejoice during my schooldays! Growing up in the northern plains of Allahabad......Read More  

Cleanliness's first birthday season has arrived. One year ago when Mother India gave birth to its newest baby with a sacred mission - "Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan", dreams of a messiah mission refuelled our dying hopes to tidy up our literally grim background with delight. ......Read More

(Also published in The Women's Web) 
Women! The most talked about, debated, interpreted and empathized lot in the country. As if she was a newly arrived accessible-to-all product in the market! Almost everyone around seems to be having an opinion on her. Why just opinions? ......Read More

(Originally published in The Huffington Post)
Like any other date, 18 April passed by. But not before it was celebrated with much fanfare .......


 Why I Am Proud To Be A Tea Addict 
(Originally published on The Huffington Post and re-published at Chaiwallahs Of India)There is something typical about early mornings in most Indian households. ...... Read More


                                               The Unholy Side of Holi 

(Originally published on Huffington Post)

Aha! That time of the year is once again here when the machismo of Indian men gets so built up that it sexes up one of North India's biggest festivals, Holi, in a not so holy manner..... Read More

Wish me a wish! 
I was twenty one when I got married. Too young even by modern Indian standards but then, it appeared as the only cure at that time for a young girl badly bitten by love bug and smitten by a handsome prince charming... Read More

(Winning entry at

The Lost Tranquility
(Wining story at Writingcash Contest and also picked up by Blogadda for its Spicy Saturday)

It was raining heavily. The pitter-patter of the raindrops seemed to break away all the windowpanes. ..... Read More


Stay alive! Be grateful!

Until an year back, the above lines were no more than a passable quote for me. I thought it was the most overrated ‘lecture’ one could get to keep reminding ourselves that we were alive. I mean, of course, we were ‘alive’! So what is the big deal in it? ... Read More

(Also published at Cox And Kings)

When I set on my journey to explore the mystique of Rajasthan, I had a long list of places in mind. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Pushkar and the very many mighty forts around these places. To be honest, if at all Chittorgarh was to be in the itinerary...... Read More

What comes to mind like a film flash are vivid images of stone carved male and female deities, lost in passionate hunger for sex, striking various poses of love making and ready to take us under their esteemed tutelage....... Read More

We are typical North Indians. Very used to hot summers, less waters, spicy food and speaking Hindi-English-Punjabi-Bengali-Gujarati-Bihari-anything but the Southern State languages. It was my sister who fell in love with a Malayali guy and married him.... Read More

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