Monday 22 July 2013

Begin, before it is too late...

“A year from now you may wish you had started today." ~Karen Lamb
And before I felt it was going to be too late, I picked up my pen.

With infinite thoughts running in my head and numerous write-ups stacked in personal diary, I wonder what had I been waiting for so long? That one hitch which prevents the soul from letting go? That one hesitation in your path of freedom holding you back from chasing your dream? That one indescribable hobble which you wished if it wasn’t there; you would have started one year earlier.

And that is, the fear of it ‘failing’.

What, if my blog fetches no readers? What, if I’m underrated on my flamboyant writing skills or overrated for my ornate articles? What, if for my nerdy opinions I lose a close friend or win over an unsolicited stalker?

The fear that, when my dream takes me to the edge of reality I may get to see a world that is nowhere near the periphery of the dream I spun, and that, I failed myself miserably.  These petty ‘fears’ which finally manage to convince me to stay back in my comfortable cage of wakelessness and allow me to enjoy the illusive sweetness brought by wishful thinking alone.

The ‘fear of failure’ has nipped in a thousand buds.

I want to blossom to the utmost mellowness and therefore, I must begin. Here and now.  
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