About Me

“If you want something you never had,
You must do something you have never done.”

Hey there!

Thank you for deciding to stop by wanting to hear me say. 

Since I neither have a fairy-tale nor a celebrity wall to brag about, I'd rather keep my story simple and honest. 

I'm chaos. 
I'm restlessness. 
I'm scars and bruises. 
I'm trails and errors. 
I'm everything but a subversive silence!   

In the years of my blossoming into an adult, I tried my hand at a bit of this and a dash of that, and at something of everything. My mother was so horrified to see me handling multiple art forms with equal brilliance at the same time that she feared I could be perfect at none. Time gradually proved she was, kind of, right!

The earliest I can remember myself is getting trained in ‘Kathak’ (a traditional Indian dance form of storytelling bards) and fluttering around in ghungroo bells on and off the theatre stage. 

Having completed the training, I began looking for the next lease of life in portraits and painting which led to dabbling my hands in colorful palettes and dipping my soul in shades of all kind.

As teenage took me over, I wanted to speak my voice boisterously. Soon I turned to theatre with ‘dramatics’ giving me just the kind of freedom of expression I'd been looking for. Next followed sweat, toil and hard work with long hours of script writing, imrpovisations, play rehearsals, stage setting and even prop making, all this over few cups of Indian panacea to all miseries - the 'chai'. 

From theatre, emerged the orator in me and helped me glimmer at school, state, national level debates and public speaking contests. I had become but an argumentative nerd.

While I was still exploring my life’s call, I came across an academic subject which instantly drew me to its human sensibilities like no other dry 'logy' matter would. 'Human Resource' was about celebrating people, diversity, sensitivity and differences. It was about parsing, passing and pissing off, all at the same time and making better out of life. I soon became an ardent Corporate Professional, working with country's leading Organisation, randomly intercepted by crazy travelling or holidaying sprees across the country.  

Here I was, a growing adult and a full-time practicing HR-wala! Meanwhile, when humdrum of routine life attempted taking a toll on my creative instincts, I called up a Guru and picked up another art form, the “Indian Classical Vocal”. Trained as ‘Prabhakar’ and still learning, singing compensates for the spans of boredom in my daily quotidian.

However, despite my hands almost full, I wasn’t feeling like the queen of all things nice and wonderful until “Manrav Foundation” (An NGO for senior citizens and elderly destiutes)  happened to me. The path ahead was no longer a bed of roses and rewards of this pursuit not necessarily meant for me. Now trying hard to give 'Manrav' the shape it deserves.

Looking back to where I started from, I find myself restless throughout to keep manoeuvring between various zones of creativity. The in-suppressible desire to keep expressing, whether through dance, drama, painting, singing or oratory, does not seem to be coming to an end even in the near future. 

Maa was right. I couldn’t be a perfectionist at any. But then, isn't learning more like kindling of a flame than filling up of a vessel?

Writing, finally, is one call where whatever I have gone or intend to go through, culminates. One pure waft of sheer writing passion and this blog hatched. There has, since then, been no looking back. Writing columns, winning contests, literature festivals and a book that will hopefully see its sun in 2017, I remain a plain storyteller at heart.

“I write for the same reason I breathe. If I didn’t, I’d die.”

I hope you find your ‘something’ in my ‘everything’.

Stay connected! Stay near! 

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  1. I also want to write stories, can you please guide me?

  2. Beautiful writing....your writing is thought provoking...loved it😘😘😘😘😘😘Lots of love to you.

  3. I like you Kena Shree maa'm......you are my favourite

  4. I saw your "Ordinary sa Pyar" and "Mere Baba" more than a year back and appreciated, but thought that you had narrated third persons' stories in your words, so could not connect those stories with you.
    Later I saw you comparing farewell programme of one of our Directors at PMI in August 2019 and thought our company hired third party services for arranging farewell party. Your face was familiar, but could not recollect your name, until our CMD asked, "how do you pronounce your name?" And you said-KENA. Till that day, I did not know that you were a part of our great family. Thereafter I read almost all your blogs and saw all your videos.
    I can only summarize in simple word- "YOU ARE A BRAVE WOMAN".

    1. Every time I hear from you, my heart melts in gratitude. Thank you so much!

  5. Can totally relate to your whims. Keep shining.

  6. You may continue to write more and more , as you breathe..

  7. Just fix all the chaos together and let the life give you one more pleasure, grab it all and forget it all.........

    For the same reason as you write .

  8. So I came across you through one of the tape a tale video, woh chai, main coffee. It was beautiful. I believe we live to tell stories and we are all bound together by these stories, stories of the past, stories of the present and an imagination for the future. Also, love your work. Much love, Khushali.

    1. Thank you for writing in, Khushali. Much appreciated!

  9. Dear Kena Ma'am,
    I hope you're healthy and happy even in trying times like this. I am just here to appreciate your work. You truly inspire me. I have noticed that you've tried your hand in several artforms throughout your life. I have a question. Do you believe one needs to be naturally gifted to be good at art or is it something that can be learnt like a skill? I am just another individual who is interested in art but never had the courage to pursue it. How did you start your journey in art?
    Thank you for existing .
    Yours truly,
    Another random nerd.

  10. Dear Kena maam..
    Hope you are doing fantastic in this uncertain time event. I really loved your poetry and you are doing mind-blowing(this is just a word but you are doing more than that I cannot express this in writing) Thank you very much and I am also love to write poetry but after saw you on YouTube where you have mentioned about your health issues and than how you choose complete the story which I didn't read it yet but i will try my best to read it that inspired me to write a story and poetry. thank you so much for that and may i wish almighty blessed you with lot of happiness.

  11. After listening Mere Baba, I wished to meet BABA once, but it was not in my destiny.


  12. Liked your article titled : The Buddha is everywhere except perhaps for our hearts. Buddha has become a token, a symbol, a fashion statement for many. His teachings are forgotten. You are very right in your observation.


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