Saturday 4 July 2020

Story: Tumhare Liye Kya Important Hai

This is a story of how social media almost broke me at a time when I needed its support the most.

A couple of years ago, one of my write-ups got featured by a prestigious international forum, The Huffington Post, on their platform. It was 'the' moment for someone like me who had barely started to take baby steps in the field of writing. The article "The Unholy Side of Holi", a satirical take on the way Holi is played in some parts of North India, made waves. It was taken up overwhelmingly by everyone and even lapped in other parts of the world. I began receiving complimentary messages with praises for the bold opinion and boisterous writing.

But in a matter of few days the wave took a huge turn. It started with one person (who was pretty popular a celebrity then) lamenting the article as "anti-men" and calling out names. A strange snowball started with her followers joining the bandwagon. Before I could come to terms with what had suddenly gone wrong, hoards of troll came pouring in.

Welcome to the new found world of internet troll and unhealthy criticism!

What happened next is this 'broke' story of mine. Watch, share and do come back to me if you have a thing to say.

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