Tuesday 25 February 2014

Just Let Go!

This is the only answer to the links in life that make you weak – LET GO!


 One: “My best friend back-stabbed me? I can’t believe it. For a single bloody project in office she used MY collection of data and put it all up for her credits. Bitch! You gotta pay back someday soon.”

 Two: “Richard thinks that he is the only one who can cheat on me? This is what I get in return of all my loyalty and love for my husband in all these years? Wait till I wash his dirty linen in public. He can’t inflict hurt and leave. Just like that!!!”

 Three: “He calls himself my cousin? Remember when he was in financial crisis, I was the only one to lend him a handsome amount, and that too absolutely  unconditionally and now when it is his time to return me the favour, he says he doesn’t remember. Cheap scoundrel!! I’ll make his dying soul wrawl.”

Four, five, six and more such incidences go on and on, without a full stop.  There can’t actually be a full stop, you see. Our poor little heart is so sensitive and akin to getting ‘hurt’ that by now, it is but an integral part of our life. We live, we love and we get ‘hurt’. The day we cease to live, the day we won’t get hurt ever again. The inevitable cycle that it is, the only question arises is what do we do when we feel ‘hurt’?
We may choose to sulk, get back in our tortoise shell, become somber, curse our stars and when none of the above works, we get used to a perfect melancholic mood. Alcohol, drugs, self-torture and suicide attempts become our aides. If we are kind enough to spare ourselves the torments, we certainly don’t spare our spouse, children, parents and friends who become a dump yard of our anger and disgust.
In case we belong to the chic-generation of go-getters who consider themselves smarter than many around, we choose a different path. That of ferociously pounding back with an I’ll teach him a lesson. We strategize over days, concoct, and think of fixing up the mess created by the culprit but at the end of all the worthless cleansing-effort, sadly and cruelly mess up two lives or who knows, even more! Trust me, after having done all the hateful ugly jobs of revenge, we like phony imposters pretend innocence by remaining still so naïve and guiltless, as if whatever we did is justifiable. The logic given is simple – “You step on my foot, I’ll step on yours with double the load”. So what if both of us end up with a sore foot each!  

It makes me wonder – is sulking or teaching them a lesson worth it? Isn’t holding onto negative feelings like grasping a hot coal in hand with the intent of throwing it at someone else when it I who would get burnt in first place?
It is about wisdom. When someone has hurt us, we don’t have to be the one who punishes them. If we are a Christian, a Muslim, or a Jew, surely we would believe that God will punish them enough? Isn’t it? If we are Buddhist, a Hindu, or a Sikh, we would know that karma will provide our assailant with their desserts. And if we are a follower of the modern religion of psychotherapy, we know that our assailant will have to go through years of expensive therapy because of their guilt! So why do we necessarily have to be the one who "teaches them a lesson?"
What goes around, comes around, be through the diktats of some religion, karma or psychotherapy. However, the cycle of the diktat shall CATCH ON only when we LET GO.
So let us do our self a favour: Let us ‘Let Go’! Identify the links in our life that weaken our potential or the people who pull us down and understand that as long as this list remains in our hand, our persona is diminishing. Understand that the very presence of these people and these acts of unkindness in our lives is turning us feeble day by day and the longer we choose to hold on to it, stronger the infection within our body will become. Before it destroys us, we have to kill it and Kill it by letting it go!

Once detached, Lady Universe will be back on her job. She’ll take care of whatever shit we throw in her pond of dirt. Cleanse it or pop it out, let the Lady do her work while we get back on ours. The work of staying comfortable and spreading happiness. Now and forever. So, cheers!!!

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