Wednesday 23 December 2020

Ye Kaisa System Hai?

I grew up in a family where there were no boundaries - caste, creed, religion, sect, race, class - nothing! There was just one house rule - Humanism! As long as we followed the tenets of humanity, we could enjoy our own sweet way of life. 

My father, a man of high principles, was an academician who defied societal stereotypes and kept making his own benchmarks and surpassing them. My mother, a highly intelligent homemaker, would though herself not break rules but would neither discourage us from not breaking any. The parents played reformists while we played rebels. 

And then, she entered. My grandmother! From the vintage pages of self-proclaimed royalty, she was all set to give us lessons on class and caste order that she herself religiously practiced. What followed is a tale of a family divide between two opposite ideologies, personalities and paths.

In this video, I share an extremely personal story of how my grandmother turned from someone who was obsessed with 'class' to someone who denounced it completely. 

Watch, share and do come back to me if you have a thing to say.

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