Thursday 14 May 2015

Battling Workplace Depression
(Originally published at India HR Live)
It was late in the evening some days ago when I received a call from a local hospital informing that a family friend had been admitted to its  Intensive Care Unit in a frayed mental condition, perhaps in a failed suicide attempt. This ‘friend’ was rather my husband’s colleague..... Read More

 The Bugs Of Negativity
Eeewww! What the hell! Get these bugs off my hand.’
Anything other that you felt looking at this picture?
Just in case you happen to be amongst the exceptional lot who don’t mind such a creepy sight, let’s be honest enough to confess – “For how long?”
Exactly! Not even a day!....... Read More

Just Let Go

One: “My best friend back-stabbed me? I can’t believe it. For a single bloody project in office she used MY collection of data and put it all up for her credits. Bitch! You gotta pay back someday soon.”

Two: “Richard thinks that he is the only one who can cheat on me? This is what I get in return of all my loyalty and love for my husband in all these years? Wait till I wash his dirty linen in public. He can’t inflict hurt and leave. Just like that!!!”...Read More

“A year from now you may wish you had started today." ~Karen Lamb
And before I felt it was going to be too late, I picked up my pen. With infinite thoughts running in my head and numerous write-ups stacked in personal diary, I wonder what had I been waiting for so long? ... Read More

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