Saturday 28 October 2017

Stories make up life. From stories that inspire to those that conspire, from stories for kids to tales for the athirst, from stories that can be penned down to those that be dramatically narrated! Essentially a writer, speaker and storyteller, and occasionally a senior Corporate HR facilitator, there could be stories we could share with each other. 

Should you feel the need to collaborate, have a chat, send an invite, drop a feedback or simply connect over a common interest, you may get in touch with me on my email or through any of the social media links given below -

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To hear from you is always a pleasure! See you around. 


  1. Nice post Aunty. Ishita Joshua Here.I like your stories a lot

    1. Hey Ishita! Thanks a bunch for following my work, honey. This means a lots. :)

  2. So I saw your Tape a tale - woh chai, main coffee... Wow !! It was superb.

    There's no contact me in your blog, so had to write a comment.

    You inspired someone today. :)

    1. Really kind of you! I am grateful. You could write to me at


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